6th Iranpenex Press Conference (2019)

“The 5th specialized exhibition of stationery & engineering supplies of Iranpenex trade fairs took place in 3rd – 6th July 2018 with high standards in the “Shahr-e-Aftab” exhibition center, Tehran, Iran,” said Majid Akbari, the chairman of the Iranpenex company. Akbari went on, “About 4000 visitors out of 5000 who visited the fair from all over Iran and neighboring countries specialized in the stationery industry, such as university and school students, and… last year. Moreover, to organize Iranpenex fairs, we are supported by the associations of country’s stationery manufacturers, stationery importers, and stationery sellers each year”. He added, “The 6th Iranpenex exhibition of stationery & engineering supplies will take place in 2nd – 3rd July 2019 in A4, A5 halls of the “Shahr-e-Aftab” exhibition center, Tehran, Iran. Participation grew by approximately 30% compared to last year. Ali A. Zahmatkesh, the CEO of Iranpenex company, explained: “Iranpenex fairs demonstrate the latest technologies, capabilities in the stationery industry, develop the local market, and provide an opportunity to import Iranian manufactured high-quality products as well as a strategic glimpse of the markets beyond Iran.” Zahmatkesh went on, “Iranpenex international fairs represent high-tech machinery in the stationery industry and create a mutual partnership as well as business opportunities between Iranian and international companies in order to boost production quality and quantity. Moreover, the Iranpenex exhibition addresses sales reps and managers, shopping malls and chain store managers, publication centers, students, art centers, wholesalers, retailers, advertising companies, print and packaging companies, and….
Hamid Ghazanfari, chairman of the stationery imports association, emphasizes that stationery imports are only achievable through proper prior planning and precision on market demand understanding. Cooperation is essential among manufacturers, importers, and sellers.
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