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The 9th Specialized Exhibition of Stationery & Engineering tools

Iranpenex announced a date in the 9th series of the stationery Exhibition which took place from 11th June until 14th June 2024 at “Shah’re Aftab” exhibition center.
“This year we go forward with the slogan “Together, Think Bigger” and we have the full support of the associations of the country’s stationery manufacturers, stationery importers and stationery sellers” Said Majid Akbari, the CEO of Iranpenex stationery exhibitions.
He stated that “Iranpenex fairs exhibit the latest technologies, capabilities and potential in the field of stationery industry, and there was a national development and a strategic view toward the regional market and exporting of Iranian made high quality products with international standards.
Majid Akbari with the statement of the fact that presenting technologies and new innovations of this industry is one of the main goals of this exhibition, have said “making a vast and joint cooperation in the international level and exchanging science and technology in the stationery industry is one of the benefits of organizing stationery and engineering tools exhibition, from this point on, with joint production of international and national companies there is an increasing rate in quality and quantity of the products” not to forget, in this 9th exhibition, products related to stationery hardware, office supplies, archives, engineering, arts, educational textbooks, fantasy products and advertisement gifts had been exhibited.

ایرانپنکس 1402 (2023)
ایرانتویکس 1402 (2023)

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