7th Iranpenex Press Conference

To officially announce the date reschedule of the 7th Iranpenex exhibition,Iranpenex the Iranpenex team organized the 7th Iranpenex press conference on June 29th, 2020.

“After COVID 19 lockdowns, “Shahr-e-Aftab” reopens and initiates conducting fairs with the 7th Iranpenex stationery exhibition,” said Kambiz Motamed Vaziri, the vice president of the “Shahr-e-Aftab” exhibition center.

““Shahr-e-Aftab” is the first organization presented the first protocol of conducting trade fairs during the COVID 19 outbreak and undertakes major support to fair organizers as the high-risk Corona circumstances had impacts on all industries,” he added.

ایران پنکس

He explained, “The 7th Iranpenex stationery exhibition displays all stationery products including office and art supplies, engineering tools, paper products, gifts … and will welcome attendees under precautionary measures to prevent virus transmission. Registration is only possible through the Iranpenex website.
Following the conference, Mousa Farzanian, head of the stationery association, stated that “Iranpenex exhibitions provide opportunities for all manufacturers, merchants, and customers to directly meet up.
. Considering the outbreak and subsequently the challenges it creates, our goal is to keep the production chain and performance active and demonstrate that we can overcome challenges.
Farzanian emphasized, “Corona can’t take us over, and we aim to join manufacturers and importers and look forward to the best outcome out of this collaboration.
Taking into account that we had extensive imports of bags and pencil cases from China last year while there is a growth in domestic production and we witnessed high-quality bags and pencil cases in the 6th Iranpenex fair.”
He added, “Given the complications in imports of some items, Iranian manufacturers took the lead of manufacturing their needs instead, and today, we notice progress in this industry in Iran.”
Hosein Barkhoda, secretary of the stationery association, stated the date reschedule in the Iranpenex 7th event and mentioned, “Iranpenex organizing company will make efforts to conduct this event on August 4th to 7th, 2020. Although sanctions attempt to stop us, Iranian manufacturers need to demonstrate their progress in this industry.”

Referring to the participation of 100 companies at the fair, he continued, “Iran is self-sufficient in manufacturing items such as pencil, notebook, pencil case, pen, and play dough. We turned sanctions into opportunities and use them to grow and improve day by day. Iranian products hold European standards, and soon there will be other products added to the list above.”
Hamid Reza Ghazanfari, chairman of the stationery importers association, said, “Technically, “Shahr-e-Aftab” is a perfect venue in which specialized trade fairs take place, and it is an advantage for Iranpenex exhibition and other events.”

Ghazanfari stated that there are complications in importing raw material for manufacturers. To be self-sufficient means to manufacture goods from zero but, to produce a bag or even a pencil, we need to import textiles, lead, and wood. Besides,

companies have problems in receiving their goods from the customs administration, and it takes them 6 to 10 months to put them in the market. Moreover, we have currency problems, restrictions in exchanging money, and other fundamental issues.

Following Ghazanfari’s statements, Barkhoda ended the session by stating, “by assessing needs and production capacity and proper planning, we should focus on exports. As of import restrictions, we witness smuggling unqualified items through Baneh and Genaveh port. So we ask executives organizations to forbid them all and take necessary measures.”


Secretary of Iranpenex

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